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Gateway to the Amazon

Lumicon Retreat is 4 hours from Quito,

8 hours from Cuenca, or

10 hours from Guayaquil.

About Us: Welcome

Meet Tony

Owner of Lumicon. 


Although I am originally from the Czechia, I left my country years ago to travel and reconnect with nature. Since 2012, I bought this land in Ecuador to create a simple, conscious, sustainable life. I've worked for years to reforest this land at the edge of the Amazon with hundreds of species of fruit trees and other plants from all over the world. I built the huts from the bamboo and other materials grown in this food forest. I live outdoors, finding nourishment in local produce, connecting with nature and like-minded guests, and developing this unique path to sustainability. If you would like to support our efforts in reforestation and sustainability, please donate!


Lumicon acts as a hub for vegans ,fruitarians, yoga practitioners, ecovillage enthusiasts, artists, and anyone looking for a space to work in nature, live off the land, and be inspired as a community, I invite you to join me, and feel at home as we surround ourselves with similarly-minded individuals.

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About Us: About
About Us: FAQ


Do you accommodate special dietary restrictions?

Yes! We adhere to a vegan lifestyle and typically eat mostly fruitarian, mostly raw. It is possible to get eggs and cheese and some junk food too from the small store nearby if someone wants them, but we don't offer it or recommend it. Tony regularly asks guests what flavours they are looking for but keeps it simple, healthy, and tasty. We can also help with fasting and detoxing if interested. Pranic nutrition is on the way...

How do I get there?

We are located on a river beach in western Napo Province, surrounded by national parks and pristine nature, yet only a short bus ride from the city of Tena. We send detailed directions to new arrivals.

Avoid night arrivals please.

Does every room come with high-speed internet?

We have fast Wi-Fi in the kitchen and main lounge area, and power in most huts. We also have a special hut without power or Wi-Fi bookable by request.


Do I need any vaccination to visit?


There is no need for any vaccination in order to travel to or within Ecuador.

How many people can your retreat center accommodate?

We have 5 huts that accommodate up to 15 people. Our spaces are flexible, and there are several open air meeting areas along the water and within the vegetation ready for any activities or to rest.

How much does it cost?

Prices vary based on group size and length of stay. We pride ourselves in being an affordable, sustainable option for a rustic retreat here in the jungle. We are a non-profit centre and use the funds to sustain and improve the project. Please get in touch for exact pricing!

What do I need to bring with?

There is no need of something special to bring really. Keep it simple. Light and easy to dry  clothes, crocs, hat, flashlight...

We provide all bedding and have boots if needed too.

Are there bathrooms and showers?

We have two bathrooms with running water, and several outdoor showers and outdoor latrines. We also have a beautiful running water pool in the stream that makes a great bath and a large river beach just in front of the land.

Can I volunteer?

We have worked with volunteers from around the world for many years! We enjoy hosting like minded individuals at our retreat, and there is always work to do around the farm, mostly maintaining the fruit forest. We offer many benefits, including healthy vegan food made fresh daily from our local produce. Just get in touch!

What are some of the sustainable practices that the community follows?

We grow most of our food on site, and we build the huts mostly from our own materials and bamboo. We think deep, recycle, avoid disposables, and take an active role in regularly reforesting our piece of the Amazon with fruit trees. We try to think in a positive and conscious way and to create a peaceful Happy-Heathy-Harmonic Home.

If you have any additional questions or need more clarification, please contact us.

If  you like more reading and details about the project see also this site

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